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PRET's resin expertise was first directed towards the automotive industry. Due to decades of expertise with virgin and recycled materials, PRET has a resin for all plastic applications: from bumper-to-bumper and everything in-between. With more than 120 North American automotive market approvals, PRET's offerings include PA6, PA66, PP, TPO, Long-glass PP, ABS and PC/ABS. Grades For The North American Automotive Market. Below are just a few of the interior, exterior and underhood applications that PRET resins currently support.


Passenger Vehicles
Current Resin Applications
- Instrument panel
- Door panel
- Pillars (A/B/C/D)
- Seat Structure and Trim
- Air Deflector
- Door handles
- Wheel Arch Liner/Trim
- Bumper
- Cylinder Head Cover
- Fan & Shroud
- Air Intake Manifold
- Active Grille Shutter Vanes and Shroud
- Engine Cover
- Air Induction Systems
- Oil caps


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