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About PRET
PRET is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced materials and is one of the largest carpet recyclers in the world.
Everything that our company stands for can be summarize by four letters:
Polymer Research Exploration Technology
It represents our determination and tireless exploration in the field of material science.
Company Profile

Founded in 1993

With just a desk and a chair inside a tiny room of a large residential complex. Through grit, perseverance and a commitment to customer service, we have grown and now have a large headquarter in Qingpu, Shanghai, and plants in Shanghai, Jiaxing, Chongqing, and South Carolina.

PRET is committed to developing sustainable materials in hopes of aiding the worlds growing environmental problems.

PRET has been listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange since 2009 and now has 1,500 employees worldwide helping to support a total annual production capacity of 1.1 billion lbs.


Our History

30 years
We witnessed the development of automotive related materials in China, and have become a leading advanced material company.

Global Footprint

R&D Team
We always believe that R&D and innovation capabilities are the driving force for a company's sustainable development.

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