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PRET has numerous materials that are specifically directed toward the electric vehicle industry. Our catalog includes many flame retardant resins carrying a V-0 rating, which are necessary for battery related applications. PRET also offers low-density resins, that allows for lightweight part design, which is critical for high performance EVs.

Electric Vehicle
PRET's Offerings & Solutions 
- Flame Retardant Resins 
- Low Density Materials 
- Carbon Fiber Reinforced Materials 
- PA66, PA6, PBT, PP & PC/ABS Compounds 
EV Applications 
● Battery components 
- Output Terminal Base 
- S-BOX Base 
- Module cover plate 
- Electrode output isolation plate 
- Battery insulation layer 
- Module end panel 
● Electrical Connectors 
● Wire harness isolation plate 
● Lightweight door panel (low-density resin)

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